UNITED ART ZÜRICH DELUXE 2024, Gallery ART & BUSSINESS, Zürich CH, May 15th – May 19th 2024




FULL COLOR, Galerie 111, Zurich CH, March 7th – March 13th 2024

FICO LOVE at KUNSTHAUS, Kunsthaus Kunstschmaus pop up, Zurich CH, November 1st – December 21st 2023

UNITED ART ZURICH, Joss Toledo Gallery, Zürich CH Nov 1st 2023 – Nov 4th 2023

UNITED ART ZURICH DELUXE, Galerie Art & Business, Zürich CH May 30th 2023 – June 03rd 2023

SALON EROTICA, Cubanow Gallery, Zürich-Opfikon CH December 03rd 2022 – January 14th 2023

FFF/FARB FORM & FUSION, Cubanow Gallery, Zürich-Opfikon CH October 16th – November 27th 2022

MAKE LOVE NOT WAR, Museum of Porn in Art, Zürich CH October 10th – October 26th 2022

VAMPIRE MAIDS BOOK PRESENTATION, Joss Toledo Art Studio Gallery, Zürich CH July 30 th 2022

ART FUSION ZÜRICH CHRISTMAS TIME, Peyer Gallery, Zürich CH November 29th – December 12th 2021

CARTOON SALAT 2021, Joss Toledo Art studio, Zürich CH November 1st – November 7th 2021

ART FUSION ZÜRICH 2021, Peyer Gallery Zürich CH May 24th – Mai 30th 2021

ART FUSION BASEL 2020, Katapult Gallery Basel CH November 09th – November 15th 2020

ART MÜNSTERGASSE ZÜRICH WEEKEND, Zürich CH October 02nd – October 04th 2020

CARTOONS SALAD EXHIBITION, Ediʼs Weinstube Zürich CH June 30th – July 30th 2020

WELCOME TO GENITALAND, Museum Porn in Art Zürich CH February 13th – April 04th 2020

EROTICLAND, lʼ Art i café Gallery Sitges Barcelona ES August 07th – October 07th 2019

CARTOONS INVASION, Babalu Bar Zürich CH June 06th – July 06th 2019

ALL WE NEED IS LOVE, Babalu Bar Zürich CH September 06th – October 01st 2018

CARTOON AUTOBIOGRAPHY, Babalu Bar Zürich CH March 29th – April 30th 2018



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